Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Visitation of the Archbishop of Liverpool

The parish is looking forward to welcoming Archbishop Malcolm McMahon this weekend.  After celebrating a quiet Mass at 8.30am and a sung Mass at 10am, we are giving him a little rest in choir when I will offer the Missa Cantata at 11.30am.

For our occasional visitors who travel in, do come along this Sunday. We will have a splendid eight voice schola to sing. Music including: 

Ecce Sacerdos

Victoria's "Missa O Quam Gloriosum est Regnum"

Martini's "Populum Humilem"

Louis Vierne's "Tantum ergo" and "Ave Maria"

Followed by the usual light refreshments after all the Sunday Mass.

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David O'Neill said...

Please give Archbishop Malcolm our warmest greetings. I served on committee with him whilst a Director of the Knights of St Columba & we always met in his residence in Nottingham. A fine man