Sunday 26 July 2015

Archbishop Malcolm's Visitation

Last Sunday Archbishop Malcolm came to the parish on Visitation. Thank you to John Robinson who took a lot of photographs at the 10am Mass.  Thanks to everyone in the parish who helped out preparing for the visit and on the day - but special thanks for the wonderful music and all who helped provide it at the 10am Mass and at the Extraordinary Form Mass at 11.30.  We had a great day with the Archbishop, who celebrated the first two Masses and sat in choir for Missa Cantata.  Thanks as well to my brother priests from the diocese who came for lunch afterwards (even those who were still there at supper time!) It was lovely to break bread together with the brethren and our Shepherd.  

I've posted some photographs of the Mass and parishioners can search through to spot themselves in the reception afterwards.

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Zephyrinus said...

Magnificent occasion, Fr, and magnificent photographs.

A truly splendid and uplifting occasion.

May the Manchester Oratorians soon reach their fund-raising target.

Deo Gratias.