Wednesday 31 July 2013

Wanted - Real Men

In his typical no nonsense style, Michael Voris at Church Militant TV again speaks out about what is often difficult for others to say in public.  Pinpointing the lack of effective FATHERLY leadership in the Church - particularly from bishops to priests but extending from bishops to the laity  in the pew as well. Here is what he says:
The utter failure of the masculine in Church leaders – that is what is to blame for where we have now arrived.
Fathers - spiritual fathers - are almost nowhere to be found among the clergy. Many priests keep as far a distance as they can from their bishop because – well – as many have confided to us – they simply don’t trust that he has their best interest at heart. If that doesn’t speak volumes in revealing the sorry state we faithful Catholics find ourselves in – nothing does or ever could. Bishops – so many of them – are not the fathers they need to be – not only to their own priests, but also to their sheep – to those souls given to them by Christ to lead to Heaven. This explains virtually everything. It explains why they left heretics run wild in parishes and chanceries and universities. It explains why they allow liturgical terrorists to run the show at parish after parish. It explains why they are ALWAYS siding with the latest liberal political.
It all boils down to the one issue that they love the respect of men more than they love their priests and their sheep.  If they truly loved the sheep like a father – they would teach and guide and protect them, personally. If they loved their priests like a father, they would protect the ones who truly love Our Lord and correct the ones who need correcting. This is what fathers do – this is THE hallmark of masculinity – to die for those you love and protect all who need protecting no matter the cost to you. It often makes you unpopular. You have to say and do things that people will not understand – even when it is for their own good. You don’t coddle the enemy or the confused. You step in and risk your own life and reputation by saying the bold truth and leading to heaven whoever you can get to Heaven. You don’t farm out or outsource your fatherhood to committees and departments and agencies. You embrace your children and correct and teach and guide them – and THIS is love – not letting them run around like the days of the wild wild west. Will they not like you for it? 
Sure, some won’t – maybe most. But others will appreciate it and increase in holiness because of your paternal care. And THAT is why you are bishop – no other reason. Everything that has gone wrong in the Church these days can be traced back to weak men – men more worried about feelings. Men who are more feminine in their outlook and way of operating than the men they are called to be. Real men stand up and confront and contradict and do what they need to do to fix the problem. Feminized men debate and dialogue and form committees and seek counsel and debate until everyone in the room has passed out from boredom and in the end, nothing is solved. We aren’t sure what the most important vortex is we’ve ever done – but we know what the theme is. Feminized leadership in places where the masculine is needed.


Anonymous said...

Well said and a true argument, we need pastors as Bishops not politicians!


Jacobi said...

There is an increasing number of orthodox, thinking Catholic lay persons speaking out for Catholicism and against the Relativism which continues to permeate our Catholic world both, in liturgy and thinking.

Voris is a very good example of this, in the tradition of Belloc and more recently Michael Davies

He and those like him are of course just filling the vacuum left by the near complete failure on the part of our bishops and clergy to teach and preach the Catholic Faith. Over the last forty years we have had a diet of be kind, or rather, be nice to your neighbour, a message which could equally have been given by the Humanist movement.