Saturday 6 July 2013


Congratulations to Vincent James, born to Catherine and  Sean on 21st June, who was baptised today.  

We used the EF version, which I often do anyway, as it's words and symbols are so much more powerful than the new rite setting:
Question: Do you renounce Satan?
Answer: I do renounce him!
The exorcisms make it quite clear what is going on - in the new rite, the casting out of Original Sin and  its satanic master are hardly given a mention and can be missed if you blink.  In the old rite it's unequivocal.

The language of the prayers really does bring out the change brought about by the sacrament, the radical choice that makes the person a child of God, destined for Heaven.

Then there's the strengthened biblical references such as the breathing on the child's face, recalling the breath of the Holy Spirit and the same act when the Chrism is consecrated.

All in all, much more fulfilling, rounded, Biblical and plain speaking.

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