Sunday 26 May 2013

As I had presumed, Mass in honour of St Philip Neri with the Oratorian Community at St Chad's yesterday was a lovely experience. Thank you to those readers of this blog who introduced themselves after Mass - great to meet so many of you!  

I'm amazed at how far the surrounding area has changed over recent years. The top of Cheetham Hill Road used to be very run-down and perhaps a worry if you parked your car on the street.  No more, however.  Upmarket apartments now surround the church and plenty of the residents park their cars there all the time. Almost next door is the Radisson Hotel, so that St Chad's is now a part of the extended City Centre. The whole area is still being re-generated with more new buildings planned to improve the area.  A great place to go to Mass if you're in the Manchester area.

Setting out for the far reaches of Cheetham Hill armed only with a cotta and birettta!

There was a time when you might have needed a  beretta like this:

                                  But now you only need this sort of biretta:

We sang this hymn by Father Faber:

Day set on Rome! its golden morn
Had seen the world’s Creator borne
Around St. Peter’s square
Trembling and weeping all the way,
God’s Vicar with his God that day
Made pageant brave and rare!

O, come to Father Philip’s cell,
Rome’s rank and youth, they know it well,
Come ere the moment flies!
The feast hath been too much for him
His heart is full, his eye is dim,
And Rome’s Apostle dies!

Come, O Creator Spirit! come,
Take Thine elect unto his home,
Thy chosen one, sweet dove!
"Come to thy rest,” he hears Thee say;
He waits not - he hath passed away
In mortal trance of love.

When Rome in deepest slumber slept,
Our father’s children knelt and wept
Around his little bed;
He raised his eyes, then let them fall
With marked expression upon all;
He blessed them, and was dead.

One half from earth, one half from heaven,
Was that mysterious blessing given;
Just as his life had been
One half in heaven, one half on earth,
Of earthly toil and heavenly mirth
A wondrous woven scene!

O Jesus, Mary, Joseph, bide,
With kind Saint Raphael, by my side
When death shall come for me;
And, Philip leave me not that day
But. let my spirit pass away,
Leaning, dear Sire, on thee.


Sixupman said...

I have been gratified to witness other clergy in the congregation for Sunday Vespers and TLM!

Alva said...

This is cool!