Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Friday

The relic of the True Cross enshrined on the High Altar.
"Mass of the Presanctified" was concluded without incident and accompanied by beautifully sung chant.  I was glad of a fairly full church for this Great Day. 
I spotted a few visitors from further afield - if you happen to be reading this, apologies for not getting the chance to speak to you afterwards but I was straight into the Confessional.
What I saw of the music in St Peter's was also excellent.


Marko Ivančičević said...

Wait - do you celebrate pre-55 Holy Week?

Anonymous said...

FR Simon, I live in Massachusetts. I am going to put a picture of you on my wall. The faith rocks and so do you!!! Thanks for being a truthful, intelligent voice of reason. I am glad you have dedicated your life to the cloth. Thank you so much. God Bless! TD