Sunday, 5 August 2012

Tradtional High Mass in St Peter's

 Good Pope John XXIII celebrating the Mass in St Peter's

Many of you will already know from other blogs that there is to be an international "Summorum Pontificum" Pilgrimage in Rome around the Feast of All Saints on 1st November this year including a High Mass in St Peter's on 3rd November.  As the Eponymous Flower writes, "The unspoken hope for some is that the Pope himself will celebrate it himself for the first time as head of the Church."

It is sometimes said that one difficulty might be that the old Pontifical Mass with the Holy Father was so complicated that there is now hardly a soul still alive who would know how to organise it!  Also that it was so elaborate that the whole effect might be too much to suddenly return to.  I wonder if the Papal Mass as it was in every detail would need to be replicated?  The Holy Father - as the supreme liturgist - could simply celebrate Pontifical High Mass, as even bishops in this country have done.

However it might be done, it would be a wonderful gesture and boost for the Holy Father's obvious and continuing support of the traditional Form of the Roman Rite.I think the Pilgrimage is already giving new impetus to the recent petition to be sent to Rome expressing the desire for just such a celebration.  Apparently, 12,000 signatures are needed before Rome will look at such petitions so anyone who wants can sign the petition HERE.

Addition: Mr Thomas Murphy, Secretary of the FIUV, asks me to make it clear that the petition is nothing to do with the the Pilgrimage organisers. 
By the by, in reference to a comment on my last post, (and others occasionally received) if you don't happen to like the views expressed on this blog - you really don't HAVE to read them.  No, honestly, you really don't have to!  Seriously, I wouldn't mind.


Jake said...

Father Simon, whilst the following is still very complicated, another way the whole issue of the Traditional Papal Mass could be avoided is to have the Missa Pontificalis coram Summo Pontifice – the Holy Father assisting in cope & Mitre at the Throne, whilst the Mass is offered by one of the Cardinals; there are many pictures of various Popes assisting in such a manner, for example:

Richard Collins said...

I cannot believe that there are so many people concerned over how difficult it would be to celebrate a Pontifical Mass.
Your pragmatic suggestion is the solution. Sometimes traditionalists just cannot see the wood for the trees.
Thanks Father.