Saturday, 4 August 2012

Suggest a new bishop

Your priest may not thank you for putting him into the position of having to choose one of these!
I posted a while ago about making sure that we do not just complain about the status quo but that we do what we can to work for change and the good of the church by writing in to the papal Nuncio to put forward names of prospective bishops for the presently vacant and numerous soon to be vacant diocese around England and Wales.  If no one tells him about good priests, how will they come to his attention?  Especially as it's rumoured that he is trying to look outside the usual circles - magic or otherwise.

I write this now as I've just been putting pen to paper with my own suggestions - and no, I'm not suggesting myself, as some wag commented this morning.  Your suggestions to the Nuncio should be realistic!  Nor am I letting on who I have been suggesting

The Nuncio's address is: 

His Excellency the Most Rev. Antonio Mennini,Apostolic Nunciature,
54 Parkside,
SW19 5NE


Giorgio Roversi said...

I'm sure you didn't suggest yourself, but if you were asked to become a bishop, please don't turn the offer down! A traditional minded, enthusiastic blogger priest is exactly what we need.

Richard Collins said...

Great idea Father, compiling my terna as of now.

Anonymous said...

If Simon Henry wishes to live in another time and space he is free to do so. As a life lifelong catholic I cannot find words to express my total dismay at the ideas he projects. I love my faith with all its tensions but priests like him test me most of all. Father or dictator?

Genty said...

Father, actually. Father Simon Henry.

Introibo said...

Oh dear Father you do seem to have got up the nose of the anonymous life long catholic. On cannot help but wonder what this persons response would have been if you had suggested that the editor of the Tablet be put forward as a candidate.

Parate Viam Domini said...

Anonymous - there's a surprise - what absolute silliness, not to mention rudeness!

All I can say is don't read it if it upsets you that much. I certainly don't go around looking for things to get cross about.

The internet is wonderful but it does give some rather sad and pathetic people, opportunities for ranting which they probably wouldn't get outside of their own friend(s).

In internet terms I think this is commonly called 'Trolling' and in a recent case someone was arrested for some vile comments made to the Olympic swimmer Tom Daley - a salutary reminder to all - I think.

It would be interesting to note what "lifelong catholic" actually meant (interesting use of case) - the reply, I suspect, would answer many questions.

Now Anonymous, please go away and play niceley with all the other children.

Parate Viam Domini said...
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Francis said...

"Now Anonymous, please go away and play nicely with all the other children."

Probably better re-phrased as "please chat nicely with all the other spirit-of-Vatican II seventy year olds."

Sixupman said...

I wonder if "Annonymus" is the same guy who was "trolling" Fr. Hugh?