Wednesday 18 April 2012

Latest on Society of St Pius X

The charming interior of the Society of St Pius X church in Preston
(formerly a convent chapel)
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It seems that although there is no absolutely definitive news, the latest developments on the talks for full reconciliation of the Society of St Pius X and the Vatican are at least positive - although it cannot be described as a conclusion, according to the General House of the German SSPX.

The Vatican News Agency reports:

The Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei has published the following communication concerning the Society of St. Pius X:

"The text of the response of Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X, as had been requested at the meeting of 16 March 2012, was received by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith on 17 April 2012. The text will be examined by the Dicastery and then submitted to the judgement of the Holy Father.
Fr. Federico Lombardi, head of the Vatican Press Office, said that, with the latest response, “steps forward have been taken, that is to say, that the response, the new response, is rather encouraging. But there are still developments that will be made, and examined, and decisions which should be taken in the next few weeks.”

Rorate Caeli has a further reference to Fr Lombardi, the vatican spokesman who says:

"Today's news means that yesterday Bp. Fellay's response, that had been requested by Cardinal Levada at the last meeting, was delivered to the Congregation, to the Ecclesia Dei Commission, to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Now, this response, it is a response that, according to the words of those who could see it, is a very different response from the previous one, and this is encouraging, we proceed forward. But, naturally, we also find in the response the addition of some details or integrations to the text of the doctrinal preamble that had been proposed by the Congregation for a doctrinal agreement, and this response will be discussed, it will be examined first by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, in one of its meetings of the next few weeks and, afterwards, it will also naturally be examined directly by the Pope. It can be said that steps forward have been taken, that is to say, that the response, the new response, is rather encouraging, but there are still developments that will be made, and examined, and decisions that should be taken in the next few weeks. I think the wait will not be long because there is the desire to reach a conclusion in these discussions, in these contacts."

We can only pray that the efforts of the Holy Father - the Pope of Christian Unity - will come to fruition soon. After all, the Society of St Pius X is surely closer to full union with the Holy See than any other Christian body in the world. We are not even cousins but rather brothers with a slightly estranged relationship.

There is a Society church near me just four miles up the road in Preston. On occasion I have met the Parish Priest, Fr Brendan King and the Curate, Fr Giacomo Ballini and found them very friendly and the parish there much as any other parish in its general feel and comings and goings (although no chit chat inside the church, of course!).

The exterior of the church of Our Lady of Victories in Preston.


Sadie Vacantist said...
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Sadie Vacantist said...

Father, how did the SSPX acquire the Church?

What is the Mass attendance?

Anonymous said...

Seems as though the Society of St Pius X is 'selling' out to the Vatican. I hope and pray that maybe Bihsop Willimson,
presenty within the Society will 'regroup' and the Society will ordain more bishops to preserve tradition. Either Rome or the Society under Bp Fellay has changed its position - certainly not those modernists in Rome. If the Society joins to the Vatican in one years time it will be like the the Society of St Peter, without any real influence and largelt sidetracked within the modern Vatican II Church.

Sixupman said...

As I recollect, the church was attached to a convent, which upon closure was sold to a property developer. SSPX acquired the church from that developer. The question is: will bishops be prepared to allow Traditional Orders acquire/take-over so called redundant churches? +Davies appears to be an exception to the rule.

The Franciscans abandoned Gorton Priory.

The Jesuits sought to sell The Holy Name, Manchester, as a conference venue - only for that iconic church [check web-site] to be saved, by whom I know not. However, Fr. Ray Matus was installed and to-day it thrives with a superb liturgy and provision for Confession.

Lancaster Diocese was tempted to sell St. Warburghe's, also Preston, but drew back. They rebuffed advances from Traditionalists to take-over that which was considered a liability.

English Pastor said...

I cannot agree with Anonymous -no one is selling out Tradition. We must bear in mind that Archbishop Lefebvre signed all the Council's Documents (I don't think we can say he had 16 moments of weakness) and that is is basically four areas of the Council's teaching with which the FSSPX have a problem. It is these they are likely seeking to have Rome clarify in accord with Tradition. That clarification, if given, will benefit the whole Church. I do not see bishop Fellay giving in after such a hard fought struggle; we must credit the good Bishop with more integrity than that. Bishop Williamson leaves one feeling sad; with a feeling that he has, in his fight for Traditoon, become so narrowly focused that he has become too extreme and rather as instransigent as Fr Feeney in the 1950's.

Sixupman said...

In the days of Fr. Black as SSPX Superior, it was not unusual for Diocesan clergy to attend SSPX Conferences in Preston.

Whilst I have not heard Mass there in recent years, at the time I did, it was almost full-house.

Re +Williamson: whilst acknowledging his intellect, he has created a 'cult of personality' to himself. Further, his following are of a 'Wee Free' tendency and it is a matter of record that certain of his acolytes [in the USA] were possessed of a propensity to preach against individual of the congregation from the pulpit and organise demonstrations against them - absolutely 'Wee Free' like.

Parate Viam Domini said...

How interesting that Anonymous should be reading this blog. I do not agree with their comments. They would appear to be the comments of a 'sede vacantist'.

Bishop Williamson is a liability and has shown himself in recent years as nothing less than a protestant. As for him re-grouping his troops-maybe he will, which will be very sad and will do nothing for the Society or the memory of the late, great ++ Lefebvre.

Uber-traditionalists like anonymous are just like the bossy lay-women found in 'modern vatican II Church' parishes the world over - they just want power. Shame on them all!!

Maybe the moment in history has come. It is my belief that (should all come to fruition that loyal Catholics hope for) if His Excellency Marcel Lefebevre was still alive he would be pleased with the progress of the Society and ashamed of the doom-mongers and sooth-sayers - hooting and cat-calling at the sidelines.

Let us pray earnestly for this and for the pride to be removed from those with the SSPX who only wish the schism to continue.

Our Lay of Victories - Pray for Us!