Thursday 17 March 2011

Traditional Latin Mass to be taught in all seminaries?

And is it true, and is it true
This most tremendous tale of all?

Can it be true that the Holy Father is to make it even clearer (if that's possible) that bishops are not to restrict priests from offering the Traditional Mass and that seminarians must learn it ? Of course, seminarians are supposed to learn Latin anyway but no course was ever taught at Ushaw in my time, nor at the moment, as far as I know.

Michael Voris has been speaking from Rome recently and others have picked up on this video but I thought it worth posting as well. Certainly in the UK some bishops have been saying, or at least implying, to priests and laity, that the bishop must "give permission" for the celebration of the Traditional Mass. This is contrary to the provisions of Summorum Pontificum, of course, but many priests, understandably, don't want to incur the wrath of their bishop - perhaps feeling that if they pushed ahead the wrath would be felt in some other sphere - for example in their next appointment (or lack of one). I have heard directly of these "permissions" being denied in diocese in England, Wales and Scotland. Once again, something that is allowed as an option for any priest at any time is routinely condemned while other abuses that are specifically condemned are routinely encouraged. Isn't an inversion of the proper order of things Satan's trademark to bring chaos to God's creation?


Fr Ray Blake said...

Surely, Father, it is about time that Bishops realised the Roman Rite has two forms, isn't it about there was some encouragement for Bishops to to love and be competant in both forms of their Rite, as indeed it should be for those who aspire to the Priesthood

Richard Collins said...

This is indeed great news. Only last week I spoke with a seminarian from Allen Hall and he told me that none of those attending AH were taught the EF Mass. I asked him if he would celebrate it once ordained and he replied: "I will do whatever the Holy Father asks of me".
A good response.