Monday 21 March 2011

Sugarcoat the Pill

On the back page of the (allegedly) more orthodox of Britain's Catholic press this weekend there was a quarter page full-colour advertisement for the Tablet. "Where faith and modern culture meet" it claims. It seems to me that the culture it represents is hardly modern - although I do believe that things from the 1970's are now considered retro-chic, so perhaps hippydom is modern once again. (Where did I put my flared trousers?)

For a publication that so often criticises the Holy Father and the Vatican departments, it puts at the forefront two issues which depict the Holy Father and the Papal coat of arms. Not one of the unpleasant caricatures sometimes seen on its pages but a waving Pope Benedict from the Papal visit and references to Newman. Anyone who knew no better would think it a publication that promoted a love for the Holy Father and the See of Peter rather than a quisling constantly on the attack and questioning Church teaching. A clear case of the spin doctor sugar-coating the bitter pill!

Here is a cover picture that more accurately reflects the dissent-laden turgid rhetoric
you are likely to read inside.


Tabula said...

If you sugarcoat the pill does it become a placebo; something which has no therapeutic effect? A bit like The Tablet really.

Et Expecto said...

It seems a rather desperate measure for The Tablet to have to advertise in the Catholic Herald.