Wednesday 29 September 2010

Young Catholic Minute

I heartily recommend this site giving very brief segments answering questions aimed at young people called "Young Catholic Minute"

Some of the presentation is a bit cheesy - deliberately so I think, but the answers are sound in the brief time allotted to each question. I guess the brevity is to allow for the presumed short concentration span of those viewing You Tube videos (in which I include myself!)

I chose the one embedded above to give me the chance to remark on the Holy Father's great love of cats - here at the Oratory in Birmingham (where the cat is named after a well-known philosopher).

Also, an opportunity to picture my own fine beasts, Mahjong and Tigger (seen penning a letter to the Holy Father asking to meet him):
As well as Chester (pictured here in a novel bed he made for himself one night when I left the tumble dryer open) who died very suddenly some months ago - although dearly loved he was buried in the back garden rather than transported to feline heaven.

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Marko Ivančičević said...

I think it is common to traditionalists to love cats :) I love them too :)