Thursday, 2 September 2010

Shocked reaction to Catholic view

Thanks to "Protect the Pope" blog for supporting Edmund Adamus, the Director of Pastoral Affairs for Westminster Diocese after he was attacked in several newspapers yesterday. (

I made reference to Edmund's interview on Zenit in on 25th August (

There in nothing in it that I can find that isn't in line with the criticisms that Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict (and many others) have made of our western society in general and our own country in particular yet Archbishop Nichols' Press Officer distances himself from the interview - "they did not reflect the Archbishop's opinions". When are we going to stand up for the Faith and not be ashamed to criticise the world IN ORDER TO TELL THEM WE HAVE SOMETHING BETTER TO OFFER - a way of living offered by Christ through His Church and the values of the Gospel?

Any opinion can and must be expressed in our "free society" except the opinions that speak of the values of the Catholic Church - we are not free to express those, it seems. At least not according to all the usual suspects who jump on any expression of the Faith that isn't a watered -down one, devoid of any strength and in tune with the culture of the world - if that can be called a culture (to quote the Holy Father).

If they don't like it, Edmund, it must be the real thing!

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GWAM said...

Quite, Father.

Edmund Adamus is to be applauded - in fact what he said should be repeated or expanded upon from pulpits across the land this coming Sunday in order to unleash a tidal wave of prayer ahead of His Holiness' visit.

Side note - it didn't go unnoticed that you led the Catholic blogosphere with this story several days before other heavyweights carried it.

What's Latin for Scoop?

Keep with it, Father.