Saturday 18 November 2023

33rd Sunday of the Year


The Parable of the Talents by Willem de Porter

1634 National Gallery, Prague

The scene is set in a stone castle. Within a cascading room of drapery are positioned a group of men seated and standing around a teak table. The master of the house sits on his arm chair while his trunk and baggage are scattered carelessly around him. This suggests that he has arrived afresh from a long journey.

Light is instrumental in dividing the painting into the background and the foreground. Lurking among the grayish blue shadows and leaning against an exquisite metal railing is the wife of the merchant/master. She curiously sprawls in an attempt to catch a glimpse of her spouse. Right behind her, gazing through the window is the father, awaiting his son.

The presence of the anticipating wife and the father illuminates the personality of the master. It reveals at once that he is a man of business and he means business. At his return, he catches up not with rest but rather with his servants in order to settle the accounts. Thus the Master is hardworking, diligent and calls for accountability.

A quick flashback concedes that the Master had entrusted his estate to his servants before embarking onto his journey. Each servant received talents in accordance to his ability. While the first two servants bear fruit by ‘multiplying’ the talents, the third servant staggered in his liability. He not only hid the talent but buried himself in wicked sluggishness.

Located in the eschatological discourse of Matthew’s Gospel, the parable illustrates how the disciples are to wait in faithfulness until the Lord returns. The Master’s return is certain but the timing unknown. The third servant, weary of waiting, numbed his senses of the imminent Parousia. As lethargy got the better of him, he feared the risk in serving His Master.

Eventually his mediocrity cost him dearly!

Thirty First Sunday Year A. 19th November

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Sunday 26th November.
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