Saturday 2 September 2023

Sunday 3rd September at St Catherine's


St Cuthbert's Feast Day is on Monday.

Some of his deathbed words, as recorded by the Venerable Bede in Chapter 30 of the Life of St Cuthbert.

Have peace, and Divine charity ever amongst you: and when you are called upon to deliberate on your condition, see that you be unanimous in council. Let concord be mutual between you and other servants of Christ; and do not despise others who belong to the faith and come to you for hospitality, but admit them familiarly and kindly; and when you have entertained them, speed them on their journey: by no means esteeming yourselves better than the rest of those who partake of the same faith and mode of life. But have no communion with those who err from the unity of the Catholic faith.

Twenty Second Sunday Year A. 3rd September

Mass at 8.30am & 10am. 

Refreshments served after both Masses 
in the Pope John Paul Room. 
Come and join us! 

Monday  9.30am Mass

Tuesday  9.30am Mass

Wednesday  9.30am Mass
Thursday 7pm Novena & Benediction
Friday  8.30am Mass

Saturday 9.30am Mass
               Confessions following


Sunday 10th September.

Twenty-Third Sunday of the Year
Mass at 8.30am & 10am. 

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