Monday, 6 March 2023

Final Traditional Latin Mass


Last Saturday we celebrated what will be - for the foreseeable future - the final "Old Rite" Mass in the parish church here at St Catherine's. This follows on from the implementation of the latest directives issuing out of Rome - much to most people's bafflement.

Thank you to visitors, parishioners and my fellow priests who came along to make a goodly congregation.

We celebrated a Low Mass and sang Faith of our Fathers at the end, during which, I have to admit, a tear or two welled up in the priestly eye.

I'm making no further remarks here about the whole sad situation, as plenty more erudite words have been written by others... in sadness, in righteous anger sometimes and in bafflement. All of which I can relate to.

Let us continue to pray - in whatever language we prefer - for God's Church and all Her members.

With thanks to Michael Durnan for the photographs.


Anonymous said...

So sad Father love TLM

David O'Neill said...

A sad day indeed. I can understand Archbishop Malcolm's actions in obedience to Pope Francis but I will NEVER understand the logic or absolute uncaring attitude of the Pope & those who claim to give him advice. One can only hope that whatever drives them to deny the usage of Holy Mother Church for so many centuries does not lead them to Divine Retribution. Thankfully His Grace has not denied the Faithful in Hexham & Newcastle the usus antiquior at present. I can foresee many following the SSPX because of this and that will be laid squarely at the door of Pope Francis by Almighty God. God save us all. AMDG