Saturday, 17 September 2022

25th Sunday of the Year Masses


Thank you to those who came on the Parish pilgrimage to visit the relics of St Bernadette yesterday.

Praying for those who are sick in body, mind and spirit includes those in mourning. We are offering Mass on Monday morning at 9.30am for all those who mourn, remembering particularly the family of Queen Elizabeth.

Masses at St Catherine's this week

Sunday 18th September: 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Mass at 8.30am & 10am

Monday  9.30am Mass - for those who mourn

Tuesday 12 noon Traditional Latin Mass

Wednesday 2.15pm Requiem Mass for Margaret Tully


Friday   9.30am Mass

Saturday   11.30 - 11.50am CONFESSIONS
                  12 noon Traditional Latin Mass

Sunday 25th September: 26th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Mass at 8.30am & 10am

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