Thursday, 3 February 2022

Synod 2021 - 2023. some sanity at last

I've just read Fr Hugh Somerville Knapman's piece on the Synod of Synods at One Foot in the Cloister. Piercing analysis of what the silent majority really think. Please read it and assist the restoration of your sanity.

Ecclesia—quo vadis? | One Foot in the Cloister (

A little foretaste:

"And again, what is “synodality”? How is it different to, and better than, the collegiality advocated by the Second Vatican Council? Synods are traditionally meetings of bishops. The Synod on Synodality—a meeting on how to have meetings—is another creature entirely, with all categories of people in the Church, and outside it, invited so that the Church can “listen” to them. It is sad to say, but listening has become an Orwellian mechanism for changing groups and their attitudes without them realising. No longer does the Church seem to want to teach, one of her fundamental missions from Christ. The patronising infantilism of the Synod’s official logo—quite aside from its ugliness—rather gives the game away to those with eyes to see."

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David O'Neill said...

Hope you read the link I sent you from Fr James Mawdesley (who I am aware you know). What he is saying seems to me to make a lot of sense. Whilst not denigrating the OF Mass - when celebrated properly - I am sure there is still room for the EF Mass which served the Church & Catholics so well for so long. IMHO Vat 2 still has a great deal to answer for & Dom Hugh's point is well made.