Saturday, 20 February 2021

First Sunday of Lent



The traditional form of Stations of the Cross each Thursday evening at 7pm.





Monday 9.30am. Feast of the Chair of St Peter the Apostle

Tuesday 12 noon (EF). Lenten Feria

Wednesday  9.30am.  Lenten Feria


Confessions following on from Stations

Friday 9.30am. Lenten Feria

Saturday 12 noon (EF). Ember Day

Confessions between 11.30am & 11.50am

The only feast day this week is on Monday - that of the Chair of St Peter. Nothing really to do with a piece of furniture but a powerful symbol of the teaching and authority given by Our Lord to His Church for the salvation of souls. As always in our incarnational faith, it is en-fleshed in concrete human things to convey it to us in ways we can take hold of in the world - in people and things to speak of the spirit and eternity.

The Dedication of England to St Peter may seem at first glance rather an old-fashioned prayer these days but on reading it, we find it speaks of some very apposite qualities for Lent:


To steadfastly confess the Faith in the face of persecution

To strive for unity

To flee from apostasy, from disunion and from religious indifference

To be aware of ignorance and temptation to which we are exposed

That we might have true repentance for our sins

All framed in the setting of where we can do these things most successfully - within the bosom of our Holy Mother, the Church.


O Blessed Prince of Apostles, Vicar of Christ,

Shepherd of the whole flock, Rock on whom the Church is built.

We thank the Prince of Pastors,

who in the ages of Faith,

did bind this country so sweetly and strongly to you

and to that holy See of Rome from which her conversion came.

We praise and bless our Lord for those steadfast Confessors

who laid down their lives for your honour and prerogative

in the hour when schism and heresy broke upon the land.

We desire to revive the zeal, the devotion and the love of ancient days.

We consecrate our country, as far as in us lies, 

fervently and lovingly to you.

We offer you our homage.

We renew our loyalty to the Pontiff, your successor,  

who now fills the Apostolic See.

Confirm and strengthen, by your powerful intercession,

the faith of the Pastors and people who invoke you.

Save us from apostasy, from disunion, from religious indifference,

& from the losses to which ignorance & temptation expose our little flock.

O most sincere and most humble penitent,

obtain for us tears of true repentance for our sins,

and a strong personal love for our Divine Master;

O Key-bearer of the Heavenly Kingdom,

open to us the gate of Heaven, 

that we may enter into the joy of the King of Glory.

Remember this realm of England,

which grew in grace and unity under your blessed apostolic influence for a thousand years.

Pray to Jesus that all may see the and be brought back to your Fold, which is the One Fold of Christ. 


V. Thou art Peter.

R. And upon this rock I will build My Church.

PRIEST: Let us pray.

Raise us up, we beseech Thee, O Lord, 

by the apostolic might of Thy blessed Apostle, Peter;

that the weaker we are in ourselves,

the more powerful may be the assistance

whereby we are strengthened through his intercession;

that thus, ever fortified by the protection of Thine Apostle,

we may never yield to sin

nor be overwhelmed by adversity.

Through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

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