Tuesday 19 January 2021

Spiritus Domini


I've just read an excellent article posted on the New Liturgical Movement. It helps to put into a wider context the universal call of the laity, the scope of which was actually re-iterated and and then much ignored by the Second Vatican Council.

It has long been a mystery to me that before the Council lay-led groups whose focus of activity was out in the world seemed to thrive in abundance: Young Christian Workers, Legion of Mary, SVP, Knights of St Columba, etc.

While since the Vatican Council these groups have been seen as old-fashioned and very ecclesiastically centered ministries have taken over, where the laity seem to take on roles on the sanctuary rather than ministries that focus out into the world.

I'm not suggesting there is no charitable work going on in parishes but the ecclesial sanctioned groups ("ministries") seem to be overwhelmingly about getting lay people up on the sanctuary instead of motivating action on the secular stage, the one place where they have much more influence and contact than the priest.

Well worth a read...

New Liturgical Movement: Lay Ministries Obscure Both the Laity’s Calling and the Clergy’s

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