Saturday, 15 June 2019

Chartres Pilgrimage 2019

 Setting off from Chavagnes College.

I took part in the Paris - Chartres Pilgrimage last week. Only writing about it now that I have some energy after the rigours of the walk. There are a few photos below but to be honest, I didn't take many. There just isn't the time whilst walking and keeping up the pace with the Chapter you are with and when you come to a halt overnight, I was too tired to bother! Putting up the tent and getting something to eat rather take priority. I'm definitely not as young as I thought I was - there is a reason the vast majority of people walking are young. Having said that, I was offering my pilgrimage for my parish; most especially for all those who are lapsed - who live so near the presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament in His Church and yet never - or rarely - bother to come and visit Him. 

I had the privilege of walking with the Chapter from Chavagnes International College. It was from there we set off the day before and camped overnight on the outskirts of Paris. I was made an honorary scout for the duration - hence the hat!

Former Chaplain of the School and present parish priest of Glastonbury, Fr Bede Rowe, returns every year as Chaplain to the Chapter. His leading of the singing kept us all going through many a tough hour.

 An early morning start. Reveille at 5am!

Mass on Pentecost Sunday.

A small portion of the 14,000 who walked this year.

Scout anthem at the end of Mass.

I spotted quite a few musical instruments, including bagpipes, but the guitars were strictly for around the camp fires, where choruses properly belong. 

Many people carry banners, flags and statues along the route. 

One of our lunch stops. The semi-recumbent position was the only one allowed by aching limbs by this time.

A lot of scouts walk the pilgrimage and what a great example they are.
Very proud of their faith and willing to proclaim it.

Not only scouts. This Guide troupe was amazing. Very smart all the way through and some of the girls were very young. I don't know how they kept going.

Meeting new people and sharing the Faith is all part of the Pilgrimage as well.

Journey's end in sight.

It was an amazing experience to be with so many young people who are full of faith and willing to give up so much time and put so much effort into this pilgrimage. I counted three hundred priests and seminarians at the final Mass in Chartres Cathedral. It took ten minutes for us to process in (video footage here). Mostly young men. 
A reminder that all these young people, committed to the Faith, were all there on a Pilgrimage conducted entirely with the Traditional Form of the Mass. I think that speaks for itself. If only the rest of the Church would listen to what it is says.


David O'Neill said...

A wonderful way of professing the Faith especially as it demonstrates how our young people ar the backbone of the True Church going into the future. God Bless you all

Unknown said...

Very well done Fr Simon.

Fabulous pictures.