Wednesday 19 December 2018

Boy Bishop

Each year on the Feast of St Nicholas many places still preserve (or have re-introduced) the custom of the boy bishop. Chavagnes International College is one of them. The "Bishop" presides - quite solemnly and as proper liturgical worship - Sung Vespers - and then
 is seated at High Table in a place of honour at the dinner following. Complete with his own entourage. This part, as you may imagine, is a little more high spirited than the liturgical activity, for he is the hero of all the underlings for this one night.
There can be instances of carrying things too far, where the Bishop, newly excited by his episcopal authority (if one can imagine such a thing), tries to command his former superiors to all sorts of amusing tasks. (Needless to say that under the watchful eye of the Chaplain, this is not a predominant feature in this particular instance.)

It is a reminder of Our Lord's words that the first shall be last and the last first; that the greatest among you must be the least. In properly Catholic fashion with a human element, it is a point made in this way  with humour and fun.

Better dressed than a number of bishops I could mention!

(Photographs used with permission.)

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David O'Neill said...

A wonderful continuation of a medieval tradition