Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Fr Seth Phipps FSSP Ordination

Archbishop Malcolm McMahon of Liverpool celebrated Pontifical High Mass for the Ordination of Deacon Seth Phipps to the sacred Priesthood at the Shrine of St Mary in Warrington, Lancashire last Saturday. The Shrine is run by the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter. It is the second year that the Archbishop has celebrated ordinations there and only the second time ordinations have been conducted in the Traditional Form of the Roman Rite in Great Britain in the last 50 years.

Before Mass stars the Archbishop prays at the Lady Chapel.

Seeing once again the full glory of the Mass in the context of our beautiful and noble traditions reminded me of the breadth of inspiration that the Faith has been in the arts.
Music  -  architecture  -  sculpture  -  art  -  vestments  -  poetry.
All so readily available to us as part of our heritage and a gift to the world and to civilization but sadly so often dismissed in these days. Putting our God-given talents to use in the glory of God and the inspiration of our neighbour is surely such a great service to bolstering our own faith and evangelising others.

The Ordinand, Seth Phipps, trained at the FSSP American Seminary in Denton, Nebraska. He hails from the South West of England and holds a doctorate in Classics from Oxford.

Archbishop Malcolm addresses the ordinand and the congregation.

The Litany of Saints.

The ordinand's hands are bound in service to Almighty God.

When the chasuble is first placed on the newly ordained, it is folded up, only being released at the end of the Mass as the newly ordained is sent out too minister in God's Church.

His Grace, the Most Rev. Malcolm McMahon, O. P.
The Archbishop of Liverpool.

The Sacred Ministers and servers.

The giving of First Blessings by the new priest.
We give thanks to God for another priest to serve His Church and continue to pray for vocations.

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David O'Neill said...

Great to see my favourite Bishop (Malcolm Mc Mahon OP) & 2 of my favourite priests (Bede Rowe & Simon Henry) with 1 of the VERY FEW ordinations in the ancient rite. What is wrong with the majority of our bishops who seem to avoid like the plague any celebrations in the EF.