Sunday, 6 May 2018

Pilgrimage for the English Martyrs

It was a beautiful sunny day for the pilgrims walking from St Walburge's to the Shrine of the English Martyrs in Preston yesterday. I walked with the Canons of the Institute of Christ the King along with a small group of parishioners from the parish here at St Catherine's.

The procession was led by a bier on which was carried relics of the martyrs.

The witness of the English and Welsh Martyrs should be a great inspiration to us today to give witness to the Faith. Among other things, they gave their lives for the celebration of the Mass, which seems to sit so lightly with so many Catholics today. Of course, the manner of celebrating the Mass needs to reflect its dignity, power and the glorious sacrifice of Calvary. When its celebrated in a way that doesn't speak of that, we can hardly expect people to think of dying for it, let alone giving up their Sunday shopping or the football to attend it. Fortunately, the Mass yesterday spoke of all that it should be to inspire our wonder.

Some of the Sisters from the newly established convent also walked with us - 
and sang beautifully at the Mass.

Great witness to the Faith walking through the streets of Preston.

Arriving at the Shrine.



The Altar to the English Martyrs.

Wonderful  photographs 
used with kind permission of Michael Durnam.

It was lovely to hear the Sisters singing at the Mass, as well as the Octavius singers.
Organist David Scott-Thomas treated to a magnificent rendition of Vierne's Westminster Carillon at the end, while everyone came to the altar rails to venerate the relics.

A version here to listen to.

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