Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Cardinal Sarah speaks of silence and says all the right things

Attending the Sacra Liturgia Conference in Milan, I had the honour of meeting Cardinal Sarah after his address to the Conference. The full text of his talk will be published in due course, suffice to say that he received a standing ovation that went on for several minutes and even then had to be brought to an end by the conference organisers! Very moving. I think that many plain, orthodox Catholics just felt so uplifted to hear simple things that we often say about the liturgy being re-affirmed by the Holy See's chief liturgist.

It is my first time meeting the Cardinal but as with others often considered "rigid" in some circles, he is charming and very affable - which doesn't preclude being an insightful pastor, unafraid to teach the Faith.

Silence is important in the liturgy but obviously not when it comes to catechising the faithful!

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Michael Gormally said...

Arinze was too old to be papabile last time. Let's pray that Sarah gets it this time, and the sooner the better.