Thursday 3 November 2016

Silver Jubilee of Priesthood

 Introibo ad altare Dei!

Friends and readers will know that I recently celebrated twenty five years of priesthood. I'm posting these pictures to enable all those who came to have a look and to share with those friends and family who were not able to be there on the day.

Mass was in the Traditional Form, in which calendar it is the Feast of St Wilfrid, a great English Saint.

 A series of photographs of the entrance procession, 
led by Knights and Dames and priests 
of the
Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem.

 The Order has taken an increasingly important role in my priestly life,
both in supporting its charitable work (particularly through meeting Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith and being able to support the work of combating leprosy in his native Sri Lanka) and in the friendships here at home and all over the world that have grown out of  my association with it.

Thanks to the many brother priests 
who joined me on the evening from far and wide, 
particularly all those from my own Archdiocese of Liverpool.

 It all proved a bit of a squeeze getting everyone in, hence we entered through the hall at the back of church, which was opened up for extra seating. I think one of our more venerable parishioners was here almost knocked over! (But quickly assisted.)

 We were joined by members of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest from their nearby churches in Preston and New Brighton (where I made my First Holy Communion some few years ago!)

Thanks to the good Fathers of  Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter,
Frs de Malleray and Mawdsley, 
who, as friends since long before they came to Warrington,
kept the liturgy in shape by acting as deacon and subdeacon.

 My particular thanks to Archbishop Malcolm McMahon for celebrating with me 
- a great supporter of his priests.

 Prayers at the Foot of the Altar.

 Thanks to all our altar servers who assisted, 
and especially Max for travelling all the way up from Bristol 
to keep them all in order as MC.


 Intoning the Gloria.


Listening to the Epistle being chanted.

There was nowhere left for Archbishop to preach from in our little church, except from the altar gates!A sermon of the life of St Wilfrid,who had plenty of ups and downs in his priestly ministry!

The Archbishop imposes the blessing on the incense.

 You can just see, standing at the back, the organist and members of the Schola, organised by Mr Anthony Dickinson, who brings excellent music to our liturgies week by week and excels himself on our special occasions. We had plenty of chant, along with Mozart's Sparrow Mass. Mr David-Scott Thomas at the organ. My thanks for the musical splendour.

The Offertory.

 Exuent omnes.

  We spilled out into the night to process back to the clergy marquee!
Specially erected as the overflow sacristy.

There will be another post to follow this one of family, friends and parishioners at the Reception.

My thanks to Mr John Robinson for taking the photographs.


David O'Neill said...

Dear Fr Simon
Theresa & I felt it was a great pleasure & privilege to join with you, Archbishop Malcolm, your fellow priests & your friends in celebrating a wonderful landmark occasion in your priestly life. Ad Multos Annos

Luke said...

Congrtulations, father! I will be back in England this December and I'm much looking forward to visiting the parish again, hearing mass there and having a cup of tea and a chat.

Here's to 25 more years, or even - as the Chinese would traditionally say - 10,000 years!