Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Carmelite Monastery of the Infant of Prague

The Carmelite Sisters of Traverse City, Michigan, have undertaken a renewal of their chapel and monastery. You can see above how their chapel looks now and what it was like before!  They maintain Full Habit, Papal Enclosure, Gregorian Chant in Latin, and Ordinary and Extraordinary Form Masses. I had the opportunity to visit them earlier this year.

Their renewed cloister is now nearing completion. You can see video footage of the large crucifix centrepiece being lowered into place on their website HERE.

The Sisters have a joyous attitude to their vocation and seem to be attracting newcomers - prayers for a continued renewal in both spirit and in bricks and mortar!


Sixupman said...

I discovered St. Joseph's, Longsight, Manchester which appears to have been re-re-ordered to great calming effect, complete with altar boys racing-in with beautifully laundered vestments.

Anonymous said...

the great carmel of the annunciation in Birkenhead is also a faithful carmel of ten nuns with a simply professed and various asprants -the future is bright!