Friday 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!

 Vestments for Christmas Day.

Christmas Blessings to everyone on this lovely day.
To all who continue to read this little blog - thank you.
To friends far and near
and to all my parishioners here at St Catherine's,
thank you for your kindness and generosity at this time 
and throughout the year.
In fact, we have had a wonderful year here in the parish. 
Archbishop Malcolm has visited us twice 
and I find myself greatly encouraged by his pastoral concern 
for both priests and people.
May God bless us one and all!

Angels proclaiming 
"Gloria in excelsis""

 The altar ready for action.

Our little Crib - complete with elephant and camel!


Solitary Sojourning said...

Merry Christmas, Father!

John said...

Merry Christmas, dear Father!
Deo Gratias!