Friday, 20 November 2015

Requiem Mass with the Archbishop Malcolm

It was a great delight to welcome Archbishop Malcolm 
back to the parish after his Visitation in July.
Parishioners and members and friends 
of the Order of St Lazarus gathered 
to celebrate Requiem Mass for deceased members and friends.
There is a little more on the Mass at the

The church prepared for Mass
- including the extra candle on the altar for the Archbishop's presence.

Servers from the parish  were marshalled on this occasion by 
MC Mr Charles Bradshaw.

 Cardinal Duka, the Archbishop of Prague and Chaplain General 
for the whole Order 
had kindly sent a letter to be read out 
welcoming his fellow Dominican, the Archbishop of Liverpool.

The Archbishop processed in to Sacerdos et Pontifex
by Peter Smedley
(a previous Director of Music at St Barnabas Cathedral Nottingham
 - the Archbishop's former Diocese)

His Grace, the Archbishop
is assisted by two Chaplains of the Order of St Lazarus,
Fr Aldo Tapparo and Fr William Charlton.

The parish is greatly blest to to have someone 
with both talent and knowledge to arrange all the parish music. 
Thanks to Anthony Dickinson
who arranged a superb Schola to lift our hearts in prayer,
 including Missa pro defunctis 
by Giovanni Francesco Anerio (c. 1567 –1630)
as the Mass setting.

Fr Tapparo reads the Epistle.

Archbishop Malcolm preaching. 
Mass was celebrated beautifully in Latin in the Novus Ordo. Incidentally, before those eagle-eyed in liturgical  matters note it (and they will) the Archbishop was well aware that he should have brought a plain white mitre - he was in the midst of moving house that week and could not lay his hands on it! 
We managed!

Absolutions over the catafalque.

Libera me Domine by Colin Mawby b. 1936
(written for the occasion of the Requiem Mass 
of H.E. William Cardinal Godfrey in 1963)

from the Requiem in D Minor by Gabriel Faure (1845 – 1924)
May the angels lead you into paradise; 
may the martyrs receive you at your arrival

We gathered afterwards in the St John Paul Room for a convivial meal.

His Grace, Archbishop McMahon
with the Grand Prior of Great Britain,
the Much Honoured Baron of Fetternear, Martin Thacker,
and the Baron of Craigmillar, Conf. Brian Williamson.
With Mrs Jean Spencer.

Photographs courtesy of John Robinson.

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