Monday, 26 October 2015

Amsterdam visit

I attended the Vigil and Investiture Services in Amsterdam for the Grand Priory of the Netherlands last weekend. (Here for further details and pictures.) The Vigil Service took place in the charming church of Our Dear Lord in the Attic, dating from a time when Catholicism was outlawed in Amsterdam and several "hidden churches" provided for the spiritual sustenance of the beleaguered Catholic Community. This is the only one left and still functions as a church. We were only having the traditional Vigil Service for postulants who were to be received into the Order the next day but I was very pleased to see that the altar was set up for the Traditional Mass, complete with altar cards and missal. Very interesting in the heart of liberal Dutch Catholicism.

 With some of the members from the British Grand Priory
after the Vigil Service.

With the Commander of the Commandery of Costa Rica, 
Knight Commander Maarten Kampen.

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