Sunday 13 September 2015

What happens when the priest starts celebrating the Traditional Form of the Mass?

 The Traditional Form of the Mass here at St Catherine's.

From the Regina site - Inspiring. Intelligent. Catholic - an article entitled, "What Happens When a Novus Ordo Priest Learns the Latin Mass." I don't like the title (for what I consider its incorrect terminology) but I do like the article. The priest concerned - although he had never celebrated the Traditional Form of the Mass - was obviously open enough to listen to the requests from those who wanted it (not always the case). He reports what effect it had on him.
Brethren. Go on, try it. You KNOW you want to.
Its not a long article but here is its conclusion:
The spiritual impact of the Extraordinary Form has had a major impact on me as well,” Fr. Sumler noted. “I have learned to let Jesus say the Mass. I don’t have to worry anymore if I’m holding people’s attention. Jesus, through the Mass and liturgical actions, can speak for Himself, and the people do not have any need for my innovations. “I cannot imagine my life without this beautiful Mass. 


philipjohnson said...

I've found the Tridentine Latin Mass now and i love it so much, as i did before the vat 11 destruction and novelties of the novus ordo and just about everything else!!

Unknown said...

Its very encouraging to see priests like Father Sumler learning to say the Traditional Latin
Mass and even more encouraging to see the effect that has had on him. I think he sums it up perfectly when he says that he lets Jesus say the Mass for him.The priest is acting In Persona Christi when he offers the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I stopped going to the Novus Ordo along time ago and I am very grateful that I can get to the TLM every week. It would be interesting Father to hear from other priests who read your blog as to what effect the TLM has had on them.

David O'Neill said...

When diocesan priests are ordained here I give them the 2-part DVD from the LMS in order to make them 'the complete priest'