Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Crusades

The Crusades are one of these historical events that have entered into the fabric of our imaginations. The problem is that the version often pedalled by the secular media is one that is anti-Church, anti-Catholic and anti-Faith. For those who have access to EWTN you can watch a different popular interpretation, the second airing of the EWTN mini-series The Crusades starting today Tuesday 24th to Friday 27 February.

Here is the schedule for the UK and Ireland

Combining epic dramatic sequences with insights from leading historians, this mini-series clears up the many myths and distortions surrounding the Crusades. Filmed in the Holy Land and Europe.

Ep 1 Journeys of Faith
Tuesday 24, 02:00, 10:30, 21:00.
(30 mins)

Ep 2 The Crusader States
Wednesday 25, 02:00, 10:30, 21:00.
(30 mins)

Ep 3 Christendom Responds
Thursday 26, 02:00, 10:30, 21:00.
(30 mins)

Ep 4 Failures and Successes
Friday 27, 02:00, 10:30, 21:00.
(30 mins)

In the USA the times are as follows: 

A look at the history and reasons for the Crusades, which originally was called an 'armed pilgrimage', aiding safety for pilgrims visiting the Holy Land against Muslim conquerors.
Tuesday 02/24 at 3:00 AM ET, 6:30 PM ET

You can also get the series on DVD from St Clare Media.

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