Saturday 6 September 2014

When you're REALLY fed up

Michael Voris' Church Militant TV has been carrying this episode.  Mr Voris is his usual outspoken self (good for him!).  Although I have seen this speech of Mother Angelica's before, I haven't in the past been able to find this clip on-line.  

The occasion of her outburst was the rather surreal and heavily modernised depiction of the Stations of the Cross for a World Youth Day (as Mr Voris describes).  She pulled the plug on the feed, the screen went blank and then she came on.  I'm told that almost immediately afterwards she and her nuns went into the much more traditional habits they still wear.

I like the TV station she founded - Eternal Word Television Network (for the most part) but it could do with re-capturing some of this spirit shown by Mother here!

That being said, there's no shortage of nuns at Mother Angelica's Monastery.  Some of the Sisters speak in this video.

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