Thursday 17 July 2014

Summer Fete

This week we are in the midst of preparing for the annual Parish Summer Fete.  Needless to say that much of the preparation falls to Father - along with Latin, another skill the seminary rather neglected to impart!
Divine Providence has always been rather kind to us in regard to the weather on these occasions, so I'm hoping the foretold thunder storms will keep away on Saturday. Our rather unruly grounds are looking a little smarter than usual due to a good turnout by parishioners last Sunday afternoon for a general tidy up - I'm sure the wine and beer promised at the end of the session had  nothing to do with it!  Thanks to those who cheerfully came along.

Anyway, for parishioners and locals, 
all are welcome this Saturday at 1pm.
You'll probably find me lurking at the barbecue!

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