Monday 16 June 2014

First Sunday High Mass in York for fifty years

The first High Mass celebrated in York on a Sunday for about fifty years took place on Pentecost Sunday at St Wilfrid's Church in the city centre, which is being looked after by the Oratorian Fathers.

Video courtesy of Mike Forbester.


Vincent said...

I thought it went very well; I was the MC and it was my first time at a Solemn High Mass. We went into it with a lot of trepidation. It was, in places, a little sloppy.

The music was beautiful and provided by the normal choir with the help of a number of members of the Rudgate Singers and University students - and it was well attended, with numbers just shy of 100 people.

I'm sure the Oratorian Fathers wish to hold more Solemn High Masses, and the TLM has benefited immensely in York from their arrival at the behest of the Bishop of Middlesbrough

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news and well done with the serving, can be terrifying but so worthwhile.

In Domino,


Zephyrinus said...


Grateful thanks to the Lord Bishop of Middlesbrough, for providing for his flock.

Also thanks to the Oratorian Fathers and to the Servers and the Choir and all Parishioners.

Long may these Divine Masses continue.

Deo Gratias.