Saturday 1 March 2014

Cardinal Vincent Nichols

Following on from my post about the frequency of receiving Holy Communion (not just for those who are remarried after divorce) I was interested to read the comments of Cardinal Nichols. In an interview after being created Cardinal, which can be read here, Vincent Nichols in answer to a question about  those separated and remarried,  said:
We have to go back and look again at place of the Eucharist in relation to the whole life of church and spiritual life of any person or couple. And make it possible that somehow the identification between receiving Eucharist and being a faithful Catholic isn’t as important it is now. When I was growing up, there was a more reserved approach to the Eucharist. It made demands on us. To receive the Eucharist was the high point. There must be ways in which people can live a very fruitful life in the church even if for the public reasons we all understand they might not have access to the Eucharist.


Grand Priory of Great Britain said...

I would love to be a mind-reader!

Unfortunate said...

As I know from personal experience, photographs can be very misleading because they catch a particular moment in time and freeze it. In a mini-second the scenario can change. However, I do think that this photo is unfortunate because it appears to show Cardinal Nichols looking away and ignoring Pope Benedict when he is speaking to him. This is not one for the album.