Sunday 9 February 2014

World Leprosy Day 2014

Two Sundays ago on 26th January it was World Leprosy Day.  Parishioners and local members of the Order of St Lazarus braved the elements to walk in Cuerden Country Park just up the road from the parish.  In fact, so bad was the weather that our numbers were a little reduced from those who were hoping to walk. We returned tot he parish to the welcome sight of hot bowls of soup, prepared by others doing their bit.  Thank you to the walkers and indeed to sponsors from the parish and beyond, for we raised £563.  

This money is going to assist the work of SUROL, the charity in Sri Lanka being sponsored by the Order of St Lazarus.  This great cause allows us to give money to a charity that is small enough to be able to report exactly where the money is going and even the individuals and families who are being helped.  Indeed, we have personal contact with some of those running the charity in Sri Lanka, which helps us to have confidence in the good use the fruits of our fundraising are put to.

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