Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Well Done!

Well done to the parishioners of St Catherine's here in Farington. Considering the size of our little parish we do exceedingly well in raising funds for those in need. In June last year we had a representative from Tools for Self Reliance speak to us (at the end of Mass).  This organisation collects tools and refurbishes them for use in various African countries where they work training people in vocational, business and life skills. In 2013 they shipped out 31,500 tools!

I have just had a letter from their representative who spoke to us to say that he received the best response from any parish of any denomination. So well done, St Catherine's! 

Though I suppose this means there can't be many tools left in the parish for when I call on volunteers to repair something!

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Genty said...

It sounds like you have a pretty vibrant parish there, Father. It may have something to do with the parish priest.