Monday 2 December 2013

High Mass for the Feast of St Andrew

The Chapel of the Holy Arms of St Nicholas

For the Feast of St Andrew I was invited to a celebratory High Mass in the Basilica of St Nicholas of Tolentino - in the Marche Region of Italy.  Mass took place the the Chapel of the Holy Arms celebrated by the parish priest Don Andrea Leoneans, with help from the Community of Augustinians who look after the shrine.  

The celebration was to honour the well known Italian organist Andrea Carradori, hence the Mass on the Feast of his namesake.

Andrea Carradori - not playing the organ this time but in choir.

The organ was played by Lorenzo Antinori.


We processed down to the Crypt after Mass to venerate the remains of St Nicholas beneath the High Altar of the Basilica.

The arms of St Nicholas are kept separately in the chapel where we offered the Mass
(apparently they were stolen some centuries ago but eventually returned to the Basilica!)

 The Great Chapel of the Basilica is decorated with some very fine and still beautifully preserved frescoes, along with a statue of St Nicholas - Protector of the Souls in Purgatory and Protector of the Unity of the Church.

The opening in the altar through which in times past pilgrims crawled to come close to the relics of the Saint!

 The Mayor of Tolentino, Mr Joseph Tolentino Pezzanesi, with other distinguished guests and the clergy.

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