Sunday, 3 November 2013

Bristly People!

To prove that I'm easily pleased (contrary to popular belief!) I was delighted this week to receive back an aspergilium that I had sent away to be restored.  It was given to me in rather sad follically challenged state but the brass handle was of very good quality and the bristle holder of lignum vitae in good repair.  Having had no success with ecclesiastical suppliers in getting it re-bristled, I searched the internet and came upon the firm of G.B. Kent and Sons, established 1777, brushmakers to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II.  Although they had never tackled an aspergilium before, they took on the job and have supplied back a suitably hirsute aspergilium at about half the cost of buying a new one, which would be nothing like the quality.  

So, kudos to G.B. Kent and proof that proper traditionalists have green credentials, in that we believe in keeping and recycling the ancient instead of joining in the throwaway culture and just buying a new one.  (The same might apply to vestments, sanctuary re-orderings and papal ferula!)  

It should now do an excellent job of giving a very good dousing to the congregation with a symbolic fullness of symbolic washing clean!

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arthur said...

4romnaIt looks very nice and traditional. I will have my umbrella at the ready. Thanks for the warning.