Thursday, 19 September 2013

Beautiful Latin Mass

I'm enjoying the beautiful sunshine of Valencia for a few days, as you can see from the skies above the Cathedral.  However, by chance I wandered into the Church of the college of Corpus Christi this morning to find that Mass had just started and was beautifully sung to Latin chant (in fact, the whole Mass apart from the readings was in Latin).  Clouds of incense and a very orderly and reverent celebration - right down to the altar servers. What a lovely surprise to stumble on such a prayerful celebration of Mass.

I surreptitiously snapped a couple of photos from the back of the church, so the quality isn't all that it might be but it's certainly a fantastic church.

Photos of Iglesia del Patriarca o del Corpus Christi, Valencia
This photo of Iglesia del Patriarca o del Corpus Christi is courtesy of TripAdvisor.


Zephyrinus said...

Delighted that you wandered into this beautiful Cathedral, Fr, and were impressed with the devout and reverent Celebration of the Mass.

Might one assume that you will pop along and watch Valencia play Swansea City, today ?

in Domino.

Fr Simon Henry said...

There was plenty of chanting in the streets yesterday but of a rather different kind. However, they have their rituals and we have ours!