Sunday 23 June 2013

The wonderful 1970's

Staff from "The Tablet" in their heyday.

I don't take the "Tablet" - the weekly supposedly Catholic journal.  Every so often they send me several copies for the parish, which are promptly filed in the place best suited to them.  I suspect that they send out quite a few of these each week to parishes up and down the country.  I wonder if these extra copies are included in their circulation figures?

Anyway, Deacon Nick reports that they are having yet another swipe at Pope Emeritus Benedict.  Two questions spring to mind:
When, oh when, are they going to give up this tired old nonsense?
When, oh when, is someone going to make them give it up - their board of trustees or the Bishop's Conference, for example.  Perhaps the European Court of Human Rights could do something about their hate-speak?

It's laughable if only it weren't so rude and unpleasant.  It reminded me of all those other old sitcoms from the 1970's.  You remember them - full of crude innuendo, embarrassing to watch now for their sexism and stereotypes of foreigners - "On the Buses", Don't drink the Water", "Mind your Language".  You couldn't get away with making such things now - well past their sell-by date.

Blakey from 'On the Buses' 
- horrified having just attended an EF Mass.

 'Don't Drink the Water'
- Dorothy gives Cyril a piece of her mind after he suggests welcoming the Ordinariate.

The 'Mind your Language' cast.
"European Court of Human Rights on line one, M/s Pepinster".


Let's face it - the Tablet is as hip as Hot Pants, Hula Hoops, and Hawaii 5 O.

 The Editor of the Tablet

Bored (sic) of Trustees

Typical Tablet readers


Chloe said...

Father! when did Eccles take over your blog? Love it!


Anonymous said...

Not guilty. I don't have a monopoly on spiritaul nuorishment.

Genty said...

Ridicule. The way to go.

GOR said...

Yes, I too was struck by the Eccles-ian format of the post.

Could Fr. Simon be Eccles…?

But then Eccles is a Cradinal…

However, both have a thing for clerical colors other than basic black.

Curiouser and curiouser…

Fr Simon Henry said...

To paraphrase a certain document:
Hilarious Blogging satire subsists in the Eccles but certain elements of satire may exist outside the Eccles.

Anonymous said...

Love it. Made me laugh. Thank you.

The magazine that you refer to has been banned here. If all the parish priests banned it, then it would not be in publication.

Surely the English Bishop's Conference has already made a clear statement to the Editor, that making dreadful comments, of anykind, about Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI will not be tolerated.

Come on Bishops - what are we waiting for?

Kinga Grzeczynska

Chloe said...

Good one Father! Long live this blog and Eccles! Keeping us sane with wise insanity. May God bless you both! Chloe xxxxx

Danno said...

Dare I admit that I quite liked Hawaii 5-0. Perhaps McGarrett could march into the Tablet office, round up the staff and utter those immortal words,"Book 'em, Danno."

Also, I am deeply frustrated when I hear all and sundry showering compliments on Eccles and Bosco. Everytime I try to open it my computer freezes and I have to turn it off and reboot. It doesn't happen with any other. Help!

Anonymous said...

Danno, that's a bit strange, as I don't have anything fancy on my blogg (quite a lot of images, though). Maybe you could try a different browser?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, me again. Maybe try
This cuts out things like the live Feedjit feed which may be messing you up.

Rhoslyn said...

It's true, Fr! You could give Eccles a run for his money.