Sunday 14 April 2013

The warring factions!

Just liked this photo
(thanks to Rorate Caeli)

An interesting post on Popes Benedict and Francis over at 


pearl said...

I just can't connect with this present incumbent.

Jacobi said...

Father, regarding your reference to the article over at Chant Cafe, Weigel is right to say we have recently emerged from a Protestant Counter Reformation phase. But would it were that simple.

An alternative, or additional, understanding is that since Vatican II we have also been afflicted by a Neo-modernist Reformation, hence the shambles in the Western and wider Church and the Neo-modernist Counter Reformation has only recently started i.e., Pope Benedict’s Dec 05 speech, confirmed in May 09.

If this is so, we have at least another circa 50 years and perhaps 4/5 Popes to go before the Barque can set course again.

Anonymous said...

People take to the blogosphere because no one is listening; eventually they vote with their feet.