Saturday 8 September 2012

Summer fundraising

In our little parish, finance is always a difficulty.  We have a parish debt with the archdiocese and an overdraft!  So, as I've said to the good people here before, much as I am not in my comfort zone doing fund raising, it is a necessary part of parish life and in fact, often gets people working together, meeting up outside their particular Mass time and making new friends and is an opportunity to invite in those from the neighbourhood who are not Catholics.

Today we had our annual Fete  / Summer Fair and after the dismal weather all summer we were basking in the sunshine.  I was on barbecue duty and the food must have been okay as we ran out of beef burgers!  (Possibly thanks to the good quality burgers and sausages from local Leyland Butcher, Clarkeson's, who kindly give us an excellent deal.)  Luckily the weather brought folk out and we have raised close on £1,000 - so I'm posting this to say thank you to everyone! 

I let one of our altar servers loose with the camera with the following results!


Anne Plastow said...

So pleased it went well, Father. I was thinking of you all here in Skiathos

Fr Simon Henry said...

Now that's what I like to see, Anne, keeping in touch with the parish- even in Skiathos!