Monday 28 May 2012

Good manners cost nothing

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Fr Z gives an update on the Diocese of Madison, which I posted about earlier this month, where Bishop Robert Morlino is giving priests in his diocese criticised for being "too traditional" his firm support.  Fr Z writes that Bishop Morlino has now written to each person  - worldwide - to thank them for support he has received.

It struck me that this is another sign that he is a good pastor - as well as someone simply with good manners, responding to those who write to him.  I know for a fact of many people who have written to bishops here in this country who have NOT received ANY reply.  Of course, all those I know of have been writing IN SUPPORT of priests considered too traditional or asking the bishop to act in cases where the priest appears to be ignoring Church rubrics and rules.  To such people who have written and received no answer, please continue to pray for your bishops and continue to write - politely - to them.  The duty of care they have to ALL their flock (even the ones they consider mad, bad or trad) might eventually get through.

As my mother always taught me - good manners cost nothing.

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