Sunday, 25 March 2012

Bishop Mark Davies' Homily

This is just a part of the Bishop's Homily from yesterday's Mass at New Brighton.
"The unbroken and living Tradition"

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Anonymous said...

Well done Rev Henry. Taking those photos and video footage from the cover or your biretta! I think a second career in MI5 might be in order. I was in the second row but had no idea that you were clandestinely filming! I actually have some still shots of your good self on the sanctuary-- and plenty more.
What a fantastic uplifting Catholic event-- in such an iconic church. Thank you for coming along with so many others to join our parishioners of SsPeter,Paul & Philomena. People came form USA, Westminster Cathedral parrsh, Wharfedale W.Yorks, Banbury Oxfordshire, France, Italy and umpteen other locations.
If you want some photos email me at: