Monday 31 October 2011

All Saints and All Souls

The High Altar at St Catherine's set for Mass

A busy time for celebrating feast days this week! Christ the King in the old calendar last Sunday and then on Tuesday for the Feast of All Saints we have Missa Cantata at 7pm in the evening (one of the few remaining Holydays of Obligation here in England).

On All Souls Day - Solemn High Mass at 7pm (being offered particularly for the repose of the soul of Fr Michael Williams - a priest of this diocese who died suddenly in September only seven years ordained).

To celebrate the Traditional Mass in a solemn way means a great deal of active and actual participation on the part of a goodly number of laity and clergy, so as ever, so I'm hoping that there will be likewise a goodly number in the congregation for both Masses of people from both far and near.

Saints of God - come to our aid!

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