Friday 2 September 2011

Just shelve it!

As part of the on-going catechesis I spoke to the people last Sunday about the gestures and actions of the Mass, both in general and in relation to the new translation. I've noticed that in some places even the signs of the cross at the Gospel have been disappearing. Hardly surprising when a great many priests don't bother with the gestures the Missal requires of them, such as the movement of the arms during the dialogue at the start of the Preface - I suppose they are saving their strength for the route march up and own the aisle and pumping of hands at the sign of peace!

People seem reluctant to make the bow, let alone the genuflection, during the Creed and I've noticed this for the striking of the breast at the confiteor as well. I also explained very carefully the position to be assumed when receiving Holy Communion - along the rails here at St Catherine's. I restrained myself from reminding them again that the Devil has no knees!

I have used the Canon during the week already but thought I'd use the new translation with the people's responses during weekday Masses this week. It does take a lot of concentration (not a bad thing perhaps) but during the week we will still be flipping between two books on the altar, for the interim Missal does not contain the collects for the saints, which is rather inconvenient. To be honest, I can't understand why we have had this little interim book, especially as the collects and other material is still the old translation. Why did we not wait until the new missal was actually ready? After all the missal is being put forward as an important object in itself. I can't get very excited about de-commissioning services. I wonder if there were any for the 1962 Missal when it supposedly went out of use? Surely, they don't need to be burnt or buried but simply placed on the shelf for historical reference. Thanks to a comment on Fr Ray's blog by MulierFortis I came across a bizarre suggestion of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops for a de-commissioning of the Missal that included blessing it. Surely things are blessed as they come into service not as we get rid of them?


Anonymous said...

Is it permissible to genuflect instead of bow during the Creed? My first instinct is to genuflect though I suppress it in favor of a profound bow. No one else bows or does anything.


Anonymous said...

father, you find it so easy to complain about these things!!!

Barking Bob said...

Dear Anonymous (if that is your real name?)

Are you complaining that Father is complaining? I will add to your complaint - I'm sick and tired of people who get sick and tired about people who complain!

To whom should I complain?


Anonymous said...

dear barking bob- yes, brother without a name this is me - thanks fully we're both sick and tired of complaining so i have a really good plan - what about rather than complain all the time - we put this stress into the fervour of our rosaries or our devout attendance at the Holy Mass - and we' and the Lord himself will be happy

oremus pro invicem

frater sine nomine- aka anonymous!#