Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Protests against the Pope turn out to be rubbish

Rome Reports have a breakdown of the figures and costs for World Youth Day. The protesters who were so concerned about the cost to the Spanish taxpayer were mislead by those who love to manipulate the news to reflect badly on the Church (which can only be described as doing the work of the devil). Independent sources representing the businesses of Madrid say it boosted the city's economy by $230 million. In fact the money generated for the city of Madrid's businesses was about two thirds more than the amount brought in by the Champions League Football Final in 2010. I often wonder how much-vaunted sporting events actually cost the tax payer in policing etc but sport is one of the new religions that supposedly have the power to build world peace and harmony, restore an individual's sense of self-worth and provide role-models that will change the lives of the poor, that we are never allowed to criticise. The Church, by contrast, can only offer eternal life and the means of living well in this world that can provide the possibility of reaching it.

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