Thursday 28 April 2011

Beatification of Pope John Paul II

There is some discussion as to the speed with which Pope John Paul is being beatified and of course, he remains a figure of controversy for many. Too traditional for some, too liberal for others.

Comment about some of the bishops he appointed as not being men committed enough to the faithful passing on and interpretation of the Church's teaching.

Some of his actions and decisions called into question, most especially the Assisi meetings and other gestures towards non-Catholic and non-Christians.

The lack of action on confronting liturgical abuse and heterodox teaching.

However, my understanding of a canonised saint (which he is now well on the way to being proclaimed) is not that the person was perfect, never made a mistake or committed a sin but that they are now in Heaven, that they lived a life of heroic virtue and that they were a source of inspiration in living the Christian life. (Apart from the associated miracles.) Surely, all these can be said about Pope John Paul as a man, a priest, a bishop and Pope. Popes now proclaimed as being in Heaven include one notable sinner who publicly disowned the Lord Jesus three times - Pope Peter I.

Here are some interesting clips from the Rome Reports site about the beatification.

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